Warriors and Kings define the triple mark


SACRAMENTO, California. – The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings teamed up for an NBA record with 41 triples during Saturday night's 127-122 victory over Oakland at Golden 1 Center.

He scored the first game in NBA history in which both teams scored at least 20 points; the Warriors won 21 of 47 and the Kings won 20 of 36.

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr was happy with the result and said his team knows distance shooting has become the league's new rule.

"It's right there for you to see, right?" Kerr said about the offensive skill of both teams. "They all tripled, this was just an incredible offensive showing from both teams, the problem for us tonight was the turnovers, every time we turned the ball, it was a 3 or a dunk. In the game, I thought offensively that we we had everything we wanted, we did a good job of moving the ball, but they got 29 points in our turnover, many of them triple. "

Warriors and kings eclipsed the previous record of 40 triples, placed in a February 2018 game between Minnesota Timberwolves (19) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (21).

Warrior star Kevin Durant said he does not believe the 3-point barrier the league has seen in recent years will continue for much longer.

"It's fast," Durant said of the current pace. "I prefer to play within the 3-point line, but you have to adapt, I think a lot of players have adapted their games and changed the way they play, but I do not see that it lasts much longer."

Why not?

"Just the volume of 3s," Durant said. "The way the game is played, pick-up style, it will stop here in a second, but I think a lot of guys are just adjusting their games sometimes, it's fun for the fans, sometimes it's fun for us." . But it is also hard to see and harder to play. But hey, that's why we sign up. "

The Kings, whose 20 3s set a franchise record, fell short in a game that had 18 leadership changes.

"It was a crazy game," said Kings forward Justin Jackson, who scored 5 to 7 in the 3-pointer and scored 28 points. "I felt that every time we went to the court, someone hit a 3." This is obviously not a game of all kinds, but it shows the types of shooters both teams have and the ability both teams have to bring down 3s. It's good to see that many of these scenes fall to us. "

Warlord Klay Thompson said he enjoyed playing this kind of shot, but acknowledged how much the game has changed in recent years.

"A lot," said Thompson, who scored three 3 points and finished with 20 points. "When I grew up, what I was used to seeing was a slower pace, except that teams like the Suns would come, the Nuggets, but now it's like we're in the middle of the group at the pace of the game, so that's incredible" think. It seems four or five years ago we were ahead by a big margin … the Showtime Lakers played like that, but you have to be in good shape. It's fun to be a part of it, honestly. "

Warriors, striker Draymond Green, a former Defender of the Year player, affirmed a point he has said several times throughout the year about how the flow of the game has changed.

"You can not play defensively in the league today," Green said. "So I guess that's what [la liga] I wanted to, right?

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry finished with 42 points and finished 10 of 20 in triples. According to ESPN Statistics and Information research, guard Kings Buddy Hield was 8-for-13 in 3s, marking the first game in NBA history where several players made at least eight 3s.

Although Curry and his teammates said they liked the rhythm of Saturday's game, Curry also said he knows that when big games appear at the end of the season, they will have to do a better job of controlling the defensive pace.

"At the end of the day, we know that to win championships you have to make stops and we did it in the fourth quarter," said Curry. "It's a fun way to play, especially when you're recording a high percentage, you can shoot as many triples as you want, but shooting a high percentage of the way it was at both ends tonight was crazy, knowing that any break or lapse in effort or decision making, someone was going to overthrow. "

Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN contributed to this report.


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