Virgin Mobile launches point where Wom breaks and other operators


Going back to direct marketing.

Virgin Mobile since arriving in Chile had the characteristic of disruptive advertising. We remember fondly when "they left the fox" or "Putin's children", but now goes straight to the one that grows the most, Wom, and the break.

On the spot you can clearly hear the voice of Alfredo Lewin, who is the official of Wom, shouting his classics "behave to twelve thousand nine hundred and ninety" and go straight to the point that they have more developed: customer service.

They talk about their right not to have "half an hour waiting on the phone," they say "welcome" and they talk about freedom and "they make sure they are different."

So they will criticize that others spend millions and millions, but none at serve it well. Who is recording in New York with "famous football players and TV entertainers," so that later "end up paying for himself".

In the end, they give the vision of your company, implying that they are not interested in faces and that the important thing is the customers, making it clear that the company will take that aspect as the apex of its campaign and its main point of sale.

It ends with the laurels, who have been with the Consumer Loyalty Award for 6 years and the SUBTEL award for its 3 years as the company with the highest User Satisfaction.

Honestly, we ask ourselves, is that so? Is Virgin's attention so good that you can base your campaign on it? If you have any experience, please tell us.


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