It was on November 26 last when the mission NASA InSight marked a milestone after reaching a successful landing on Mars, in which were the seven most spectacular minutes for the experts and the team that takes the project forward.

But after having a positive result, now the first investigations have begun of the ground of the red planet, which is the main mission of the apparatus installed by the American Space Agency on Mars.

In the midst of its first advances, InSight managed to capture a beautiful present for those who yearn to know the universe.

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Insight's seismic sensors were able to capture winds between 26 and 24 kilometers per hourrecording how the blasts sound on Mars and recording that "sound" for the first time from another planet.

According to InSight researcher, Bruce Banerdt, get this recording "It's been an unplanned gift., but one of the things our mission has is to measure the motion on Mars and, of course, that includes the motion caused by sound waves. "

While the sound is edited to be more audible to the human ear, finally They are records of vibrations of waves in the air, so that, in the end, they sound the same way. It is hoped that upcoming missions will have microphones to capture that kind of noise more accurately.

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