Sunday , April 18 2021

[VIDEO] Never seen before: they shoot from space the launch

The German astronaut ESA (European Space Agency), Alexander Gerst, recorded the exact moment of launching a rocket, where its exit from orbit is appreciated, from space, something never seen before.

Through his Twitte account, Gerst published "this is real"since when watching the video, it can be easily mistaken for a video game.

The original recording, which was published by The ESA lasts about 15 minutes but was edited to see the take off in a minute and a half.

The ship was flying at 18,800 kilometers per hour, around the earth and 1November 8, landed on the International Space Station.

O Rocket "Soyuz"I was carrying the Progress MS-10 spacecraft, the one that carried oxygen, fuel, water supply and food to the astronauts.


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