[VIDEO] InSight Probe reveals what the sound of Mars is


It was just over two weeks ago – and seven months of travel through space – that the InSight achieved a successful landing on Mars, initiating a research paper that yields its first results.

This Friday the sound of the Martian wind caught by the probe was revealed, which collected low-frequency roars during its first days of operations on the red planet.

They are the first sounds of Mars that can be detected by the human ear, explained the NASA scientists who presented the results. "Capturing those audios was an unplanned challenge," acknowledged Bruce Banerd, one of the leaders in the data search that the probe offers.

In a way, according to NASA scientists, this is how Mars would sound if we were on the InSight spacecraft.

Insight is the first artifact that landed on Mars since 2012, the year Curiosity began its mission.

More than half of the 43 attempts to bring robots, satellites or others to Mars – deployed by space agencies around the world – have failed.

Only the United States managed to put artifacts there, investing in these missions with the goal of preparing a future incursion with human explorers by the 2030s.


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