"Vidal must understand that he is not the only one on the team"


José Ramón Alexanco (62) has an authoritative voice to speak about Barcelona. The curriculum has a lot. Although he started and played in Athletic between 1976 and 1980, most of his career was played at the Camp Nou: 400 games in 13 seasons, 17 titles (a champion). From that time, also as a selected Spanish, the former libero speaks of Arturo Vidal: "His current performance goes a little bit in what he is, his figure. Consolidate cost him a little more than in other teams, but he is already a good start, he's making progress, getting to know the team, he's a great player and he will gradually find his place. "

Were you surprised that Vidal arrived in Barcelona?

Not at all. The club always gets good players and Vidal is on the line. He has been in big clubs, won titles and was important in them.

But he said he did not comply with Barça's DNA.

I do not think this is in line with this DNA. Vidal is a great player and Barcelona always have good players. They brought him to something. I do not think they have made the decision from one moment to another. Certainly, they studied hard.

What stands out about Vidal?

Especially that he was in this intermediate zone of play to not play and he held out well, with professionalism. He overcame this secondary condition to begin to stand out.

And then, about social networks, when Valverde did not give him minutes?

What I mention is what I saw. I do not remember social networking, actually. What I saw is a player who acted with professionalism and who starts to stand out.

Of the game, what attracts you?

This can be multipurpose, acting in different demarcations. From there it stands out for its quality. Its antiquity also shines. He practically does not lose the ball and walks around the court. He is always very involved in the game. You can give more without hesitation.

How long will it take to be a full owner?

Do not know. The property in Barcelona is a bit more complex because the staff needs all. Play many competitions. The coach distributes the minutes so that everyone is able to be requested. At Barca everyone feels owners.

For Vidal, not feeling the owner bothered him.

Vidal in other teams was more incumbent. Here everyone is headlines. I do not think you should be worried and less desperate about it. Of course, it was already clear.

The Chilean seems to start loving the fans. Against Villarreal, for example, there were pictures for Valverde for removing him.

Okay, but I do not think it's because it's Vidal. Here, the public treats you like everyone else. The public of Barcelona is respectful of the players and also of the decisions of the coach. That's why, for me, it's not even a surprise.

What expectations do you see in this Barcelona?

We expect a little everything. Be a leader and there. The season is long and the important thing is that this performance is maintained. In Barcelona always the aspiration is to win the championship. The Champions is difficult, but let's see. Level players to stay excited, no doubt.

Do you think the club is changing to a different style after the departure of Xavi and Iniesta?

No. Barcelona is adopting everything the coach wants to develop. This is normal every time there is a technical change. And the team gradually took over and developed that. You see in every game a better version of Barca and a clearer idea of ​​what Valverde wants.

How do you see Vidal in this transition?

If it's here, it's because Valverde decided that. And if he has decided that it is because he believes it can be useful to the system he wants to impose. But Vidal must understand that he is not the only one on the team. It's one more on a team where everyone feels important and starters. And when he understands, things certainly go very well for him. Even better than at that moment, which already seems good enough, in addition to saying that it has room to continue improving.


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