Very few people finished the Resident Evil 2 demo


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On Friday, January 11, the first demo of Resident Evil 2 was released. The remake of the classic zombie game is one of the titles with more hype, one of the games most expected of the year. But for some reason, few people have finished.

More than a million people downloaded the Resident Evil 2 demo. Expectations for this title are skyrocketing as being one of the classics of the genre and video games in general, moved the masses when this first demo came out.

According to, 1,165,816 downloads were recorded as soon as 1 release was released. A very large number that impressed everyone. But it has not been for less since we're talking about Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 2

In addition, it is estimated that the number is much larger, since these data are only from the people who enabled the configuration of RE NET data. It is used to send data of possible errors in game performance so that they can be corrected by Capcom officials. So, certainly the number of downloads is much higher.

Even so, only 326,429 players completed the challenge. That means they could see the end of the demonstration. A very small figure if you take into account the total number of users. That equals 28% of the players, but Capcom does not specify why they did not finish it.

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28% of players finished

The reasons can be several. The first thing that comes to mind is that the difficulty of the game is so great that it will require much more hours of gameplay just to complete the demo. Another option that is scrambled is that players are playing very slowly to savor it until the full version is released. The rumor is that it is such a big mistake that it does not allow the game to end.

Anyway, this title looks incredible and we know it will not disappoint us. We will once again enter the city of Raccoon to face the aberrations produced by the Umbrella Corporation.

If you want to download the demo, you can do it Steam totally free for PC. Since Playstation Store from Sony. It's from Microsoft Store for Xbox One users. And if you're one of those who completed it, let us know in the comments.


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