Saturday , October 16 2021

Vasco Moulian's live apology after talking about Claudia Schmitd

Last Friday, the morning "Muy Buenos Días" reviewed the most important pauses and love fights of the year, among which the discussion starring Claudia Schmitd and Mariela Sotomayor was remembered.

Recall that the conflict between the two began when Intruders' speaker Claudia Schmitd posted in her Instagram account a screenshot of a WhatsApp message sent to her by former space speaker The Red.

"Do not talk to me any more, it's your great secret when you arrived in Chile, and I know who paid you the rent, so do not go into something that does not concern you," was part of the message Sotomayor sent to Schmitd.

The controversy was reviewed in the morning by María Luisa Godoy, Cristián Sánchez and Ignacio Gutiérrez, where Vasco Moulian made strong statements against Schmitd.

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On this occasion, the actor said she (Schmitd) has "a hidden past" and when she arrived in Chile, she "worked by the hour", adding that Mariela has a secret related to the "hotel book".

This statement outraged the Uruguayan, who in an interview with the following said: "I demanded that on the screen I denied everything he said or would sue the channel, the editor and all those who are lying about me."

And so, a minute before the show ended, Moulian publicly apologized for his comments.

"I understand that one of the people who was mentioned in the program, Claudia Schmitd … I apologize for the case if it has bothered you, my intention has never been to bother or denigrate anyone. The data was not correctMoreover, this was said by me and I am responsible for my words. Everything you have on my phone and we talk, "Moulian said.

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