Sunday , October 17 2021

Vanessa Borghi is sincere about her relationship with her stepson

During this week, the face of "Morandé Con Compañía", Vanessa Borghi, shared an unexpected photo in which Antonia Sturiza appeared, the daughter of her husband, Danilo Sturiza, with whom she would have an excellent relationship despite not attending regularly. .

Vanessa Borghi's stepdaughter is 19 years old and is studying at the University of California, Berkeley. "I knew her as a child, now she's a whole woman, beautiful and intelligent," Borghi said in an interview with "The Latest News."

"She knows she can count on me in any situation," added the Argentine model she met at the age of 11.

And the love and affection that Borghi feels is reciprocal, because Sturiza said: "I love her very much, we get along, we are sensitive, we take care of each other, she is a great friend … I miss her a lot. I always send messages. "

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