Vale Roth had to "leave Miami" for her boyfriend after 60 days living together


Some time ago we talked about the Incredible holiday Valentina Roth was wearing in Miami, but everything good at some point should end and That day he arrived at the former Calle 7.

The sad moment in which he lived should leave the United States, where He stayed 60 days. and he was in the company of his brother, Miguel, who should have left.

In her last posting, the young woman delivered a message of meaning to her account on Instagram, where she made it clear that she would be very much in love with her unknown gallant.

"2 months living with you in Miami that were awesome uff my love . I'm not going to write anything because I told it all and cried! I love you and see you soon you know that I will do everything to return. and thanks for everything to the owner of the house @eugenioalonsogarcia eri a mino the raja cabrooo the best pa tiii you will be crazy locoooo! "wrote the former Yingo.

Instagram Valentina Roth

But the love that Roth feels would be such that he already has plans to return. In his stories on the Instagram, he said he wants to raise money to return to Miami and so, re-meet your partner.


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