Vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory for Brazilian and African pilgrims to enter the country


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) has indicated that the vaccine against yellow fever is one of the mandatory requirements for the entry into the country of pilgrims from Brazil and African countries within the framework of the World Youth Day of 2019 (WYD).

"On the theme of WYD, the recommendations that are being made to the pilgrims are those coming from areas at risk of yellow fever, which are Brazil and the African continent. It was recommended that they be vaccinated before arriving in Panama, which is the only vaccine that is sought internationally as a migratory requirement, " said Telemetro Reporta, the national coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance, Israel CedeƱo.

In turn, the coordinator of the broad immunization program, Itzel Hewitt, indicated that vaccination is free of charge, but the rate of B / .20.00 for nationals and B / .100.00 for foreigners is for an international card that is for life.

Hewitt explained that before WYD 2019, Panamanians need not be vaccinated against yellow fever, but it is recommended that they apply the basic measles, rubella and tetanus vaccines to those who do not yet have them.

"We are going every weekend nationwide in all churches, we are working with adoptive families and we are applying the measles, rubella and tetanus vaccines, which is the basics," he said. ratified.

The World Youth Day will be held in Panama from January 22 to 27 and about 200 thousand people registered as pilgrims to visit Panama and witness the visit of Pope Francisco.


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