US sites they go through a real security drama after the government closes


With the closure of government, many government websites are losing their security measures little by little.

The closure of the US government is making it difficult to access many official websites. But not only that, many have their certificates expired, which can lead to a number of problems.

Trump's funding plans have left thousands of federal workers unpaid. Of course, with wage problems, the industry response has not waited and several items are starting to stall.

In this context, the personnel in charge of digital platforms also ceased to function, so that the first problems are beginning to become evident. Some of the affected sites, as explained by the BBC, include the Department of Justice, the Court of Appeals and NASA.

As is well known, leaving a site's security can be disastrous in no time. One of the side effects of this situation is that site security certificates are not being renewed. Certificates ensure that communications between devices and sites are securely sent, encrypted, and are an essential part of maintaining the IT infrastructure under the best conditions. However, the certificates have an expiration date.

According to the Netcraft website, more than 80 security certificates used by US government websites (.gov) have expired. Suzanne Spaulding, a former undersecretary of the cybersecurity agency, said it was not a minor issue:

"With every passing day, the impact of government closure on the nation's security grows, while our opponents are not losing anything and attacks on our systems continue. Cyber ​​security is difficult enough with a full team, so operate less than half the force means we're losing ground to our opponents. "

It is important to mention that with an outdated certificate there is still an encryption, however, it becomes more difficult for the user to verify the legitimacy of the site. For example, coup makers could take advantage of this to lure victims to dishonest pages.


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