University of Chile | Luis Jiménez stays in Palestine: "The U dealt with my situation strangely"


Luis Jiménez prepares his debut in the Copa Libertadores with the Palestine, despite referring to the possibilities that had to strengthen the University of Chile.

Luis Jiménez prepares for the Palestine debut in the Copa Libertadores. The Arabs will face Independiente Deportivo de Medellín today at 20:30. Concentrated for the premiere, the talented 34-year-old actor talked about the option he had to strengthen the University of Chile in that market.

"I do not know very well how the callers were, but they communicated with my brother (Jorge Jiménez, who is also their agent)." The contacts left when the last tournament ended and a few days ago they called me again to ask about my situation. . I'd rather not delve into detail, but I found it very strange how U was treated ", acknowledged the "mage" in an interview with the newspaper La Tercera.

Anyway, the former Ternana and Inter Milan is quiet. The captain of the current Chile Cup MTS thinks only of goals that are drawn with the tetracolors. "We talked about the Copa Libertadores, which is an incredible tournament, but our goal is to get first place this year. Depending on how much time we can, we can set other goals, "Jimenez said.

The first thing for the team led by Ivo Basay will be the DIM. There will be time to think about the Chilean competition. "We arrived very well, the new ones have adapted in an excellent way to those who have more time. It will be a very good game, they are a very strong team physically. They base their game on speed and are technically very well endowed ", culminated with one of the referents of the Palestinian.


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