UFED, the tool used by the FBI to unlock iPhones, is sold on Ebay


All very normal.

The UFED made by the company Cellebrite was a tremendous controversy in its time, because it allowed access to private data of iPhones and other mobile devices.

Obviously, the police were using them to obtain information from suspects or to assist in the investigations, which in turn has prompted a tremendous debate over the security and privacy of the data.

The point is that apparently some honest officers of the United States police when these devices were removed because new models were released, they found nothing better than putting them on Ebay at prices as low as $ 100. Look at this boy he bought 4:

The point is that although they are discontinued because they do not work with iPhones that use iOS 11, this does not mean that their purpose is useless, many of the others are still out there and more, the machine may be with different models of Motorola and Samsung , some of the new owners said.

Cellebrite's have sent messages to former owners to return or destroy machines, but of course they are not paying attention, so do not be surprised that criminal organizations or other organizations start using those machines that were meant for police use only. other deeply illicit purposes. Thanks for nothing.


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