UDI Deputy Ignacio Urrutia: "The Ethics Commission is worth Callampa" | National


UDI Deputy Ignacio Urrutia assured that the Mapuche MP Emilia Nuyado did not respect the House when he questioned Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick in Mapudungun during the first minutes of his speech.

In conversation with Radio ImaginaThe law representative also denied asking ironically if he was speaking English.

Urrutia explained that he considered it unfortunate that Nuyado hshe spoke in a language no one understood in the room and so she suggested that the Secretary of State respond in English so she would not understand either.

"It's one thing to say hello in Mapudungun, there's nothing wrong, and another thing is to talk five minutes in Mapudungun, you'll understand that all of us who were there did not understand what he was saying, it's disrespectful," he said. a man who defended Pinochet's dictatorship in the Chamber.

"To continue with the same lack of respect she had made I told her Please respond in English & # 39;because if she answered in English she would be hanged, people close to her would be hanged, people who were invited to the bleachers would also be hanged, "he added.

The Deputy Emilia Nuyado

"The idea is that, If in Chile the official language is Spanish, Spanish is the thing to talk about. In the Chamber of Deputies he always spoke Spanish, so he has no reason to use a language other than the official language, "he added.

Deputy Urrutia deepened the reasons for considering the lack of respect for the use of the Mapuche language in Congress and assured that in a committee he shared with Nuyado, he told him that he did not know how to speak.

"For me, it was disrespectful. He was laughing at all the Chileans.. Those who came laughing at the Chileans or the authorities were talking for five minutes in a language that nobody understood, "he said.

The MP also downplayed the importance of the ethics committee in studying the sanction for his attitude during the interpellation.

"The ethics committee is no longer the same. They completely twisted. It was a very respectable institutionality, which in specific parliamentary cases passed to the ethics committee. Today every parliamentarian who says a word that the left does not like, because they are the majority in this commission, they pass it right away. Today the ethics committee is callampa, "he said.


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