Ubisoft passes Steam with "The Division 2", instead the game will be sold in the Epic Games Store


Ubisoft has reached an agreement with Epic Games to distribute some of your upcoming PC games in the Epic Games Store. & # 39; The Division 2 & # 39 ;, One of the great games expected for this 2019, is the first to do so. The Epic Games Store was launched in December 2018 and its main attraction to Steam is the lowest commission charged by the creators. Reason that seems to have been enough for Ubisoft to opt for them before the Valve store.

& Quot; The Division 2 & # 39; will be officially launched on March 15. During E3 of 2018, we were able to experience the game and have some initial impressions of it. There is a lot of expectation with the video game and it is not surprising that it is one of the main releases of the year. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Steam is a reference in terms of video game store, is where the main PC games are usually published. However, there are no plans for the & # 39; Division 2 & # 39; be one of those that we will find from next March 15th. Ubisoft has decided offer the semi-exclusivity of selling it to Epic Games in his Epic Games Store. The other place from which you can buy is Uplay, the store itself online of Ubisoft.

Steam has its predecessor "The Division" and other Ubisoft titles. But with & # 39; The Division 2 & # 39; Epic Games Store is ahead preferably for the creators of the game. In fact, the title already appears in the Epic Games store.

Division 2

The first big explosion of the Epic Games Store on Steam

Epic Games has achieved some exclusives so far, but it was with small developers and titles not expected or popular like those of Ubisoft. & # 39;A Division 2 is the first major title to enter the store of Epic Games (if we ignore Fortnite, own game of the house). It will not be the only one, at a time when several Ubisoft titles have been guaranteed. Although it is important to note that it will also be sold in Ubisoft's own store, so it is not 100% exclusive.

Division 2

Epic Games is a company known by the Unreal Engine and especially by Fortnite, a mass phenomenon over the past year that catapulted the company to success. It also led them to move the operation of the industry. They have decided, for example, not to upload Fortnite for Android to Google Play and instead offer it directly from their website. The reason is avoid having to distribute income with Google.

The other big step they took in 2018 was the launch of the Epic Game Store, an alternative to Valve's Steam. The Epic Games Store is only a few weeks old. In the store are distributed the two games of Epic Games itself and other developers who want to upload their games there. Its main attraction is to stay only 12% of revenue, well below the 30% held by Steam for example.

Vomiting Epic Games and Steam commissions for creators.

It also has a disadvantage compared to Steam, the does not have a recognition and scope as big as Steam. This may not be a problem for large developers, such as Ubisoft, who allow their titles to be promoted, but for small developers. Although Steam can also give the opposite case of small titles: miss and go unnoticed in the huge Steam catalog.

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