Ubisoft joins Epic Games Store Problems for Steam? ┬╗VeryComputer


Ubisoft will be releasing games at the new Epic Games store, which will increase pressure on the leader of those software distribution platforms that dominate the video game market, Steam.

The Epic Games Store (digital store, developer of the Unreal Engine graphics engine or titles such as Gears of Wars and Fortnite) wins a big ally, the French multinational Ubisoft, ultimately one of the biggest producers / developers of video games in the world.

The premiere will be great. as it will begin with division 2, one of the great triple AAA multiplatform expected for the month of March. So far, reservations were only available on Ubisoft's Uplay platform. Steam is also listed, but you still can not pre-order it. In the Epic store, the game can now be booked in its three versions (Standard, Gold and Ultimate), with availability starting March 15th.

It has already been announced that the store to receive other Ubisoft titles in 2019, although the producer does not go crazy. Nothing to "leave Steam" and, for example, Far Cry: New Dawn will be released on the Valve platform.

Even so, the union of Ubisoft with the Epic Games Store is relevant to the future of these digital platforms, because you can encourage other great developers. And they are clear, they want their games to reach the largest number of users and this happens to be offered on all available platforms.

Another point to consider is your profitability. While Valve will charge 20% of the revenue from a high-impact game like The Division 2 (it can reach 30% on smaller games). The Epic Games Store will charge only 12%. This "platform war" will push the biggest: Steam.


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