U waives the signature of Jeisson Vargas


The University of Chile continues to work on the formation of its campus. The laity added nine reinforcements (Nicolás Oroz, Augusto Barrios, Jimmy Martinez, Lucas Aveldoño, Matías Campos López, Diego Carrasco, Pablo Parra, Sergio Vittor and Matías Campos Toro), but they are still looking for more. At least this was stated by university sports manager Sabino Aguad, who told a news conference that the hiring process is still open. In the same case, the executive explained the discomfort of the student club after the frustrated incorporation of Jeisson Vargas.

"Jeisson Vargas, his agents, had been offering us for a month and a half." Our answer was always no, that until fifteen days ago the approach was stronger, with a substantial drop in economic requirements. if there was any prior agreement with the UC, which was denied at all times by his agent (Sergio Gioino), "said Aguad at the Blue Sports Center. "Once we said yes and agreed on almost everything, they replied that there was a clause, which we do not know until today," he said.

"After several days yesterday, we reached an agreement with the representatives not to continue trying to bring the player in. It is not possible because of this agreement.We always asked about UC and they always said no.We were going alone. which happened later was because of our interest in the player, "he added, confirming that they will not insist on the player, and leaving a critical night for the Crusaders.

"We were upset because we were worried about asking all the pertinent questions." The response was always the same: there were no problems or interest from the UC The board approved the incorporation of the player and when we said yes, this problem appeared, "insisted the leader. "The annoyance we have is with the whole situation.We bothered to ask everything and the answers were always the same.Complications appeared at the end.We do not even know what the real complication is," he reiterated. "You need to talk to the owners of the federation rights and they are in Montreal Impact." Talking to someone else does not apply.We do not know what happens to Jeisson Vargas.We always talk to Montreal and its agents.We prefer not to comment further on this topic, "he said.

Beausejour by 2020

The future of Jean Beausejour is in the CDA. At the same conference, Aguad informed that the southpaw agreed to a new contract with the club, which will be linked to the U until December 2020. "This morning his agent came and informed us about the interest of San Lorenzo, but also of Interest of the player to continue at Universidad de Chile.We have reached a new agreement with Jean.The club and he made an effort and will continue with us until December 31, 2020, "he said.

Meanwhile, he also assured that he is still looking for alternatives and has confirmed dialogues to try to sign with Panamanian striker Gabriel Torres, currently in Huachipato. "We probe this, but there is nothing agreed, the campus is not closed, but if we bring somebody, it's because we need to.We are forming a campus.Then if a player falls, it is not an issue. It is true that we speak for Torres, but it is better that everything is agreed and signed before saying anything, "he concluded.


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