U. Católica – U. Española live stream online: FOX Sports Tournament


Despite the last 15 minutes, Universidad Catolica showed a better level than the Unión Española in this game. The cross start was overwhelming but could not be specified.


45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; Bad auction of Gary Tello It is the first attempt of an average Hispanic box.

45 & # 39; Another minute in Sausalito.

38 & # 39; Another cross-arrival! Good presence Juan Cornejo to Buonanotte which sets poorly in the face of rapid exit Sanchez.

31 & # 39; OFuenzalida! Extraordinary center Pine forests which connects the crossed captain. The ball was very close to the Spanish goal.

27 & # 39; Spanish Union Now he protects himself and gives the ball to UC that does not find the same spaces as in the beginning.

20 & # 39; Combine the process Spanish Union. The Catholic University So do not press so loud at this point of departure.

16 & # 39; In Spanish Union good minutes of Yulián Mejía

10 & # 39; Excellent start to Catholic which dominates in all sectors of the Unity.

5 & ​​# 39; Notify UC again! Head of Orchard that passes very little. He already deserves the first goal Catholic.

4 & # 39; New try Buonanotte which is blocked and the ball goes to the corner kick.

3 & # 39; BAT! Tremendous auction Diego Buonanotte who hit the post. Good assist by Sáez.

2 & # 39; Interesting start of César Pinares and Jaime Carreño in Catholic.

1 & # 39; The game started! Catholic University and Spanish Union They face each other in Viña del Mar.

07.00 | The teams leave the court! Coming soon, Catholic University vs Spanish Union.

25 minutes left before the start of the match and UC.

Catholic University would qualify for the final if they tied or won the game. a Spanish Union It serves the triumph to guarantee a square in the definition.

Those of Fernando Diaz continue their preseason in which they test a practically new team compared to 2018. After defeating Colo Colo, Hispanics fell in a controversial game against Everton so today they should win yes or yes to access the final.

Gustavo Quinteros will have a new test on its renewed Catholic University. After his great triumph against the Colo Colo in the classic, the cross coach will try a different team for the duel against the Hispanics.

Welcome to the broadcast of the game between Universidad Católica vs Unión Española of the FOX Sports Tournament which is played today, Tuesday, January 20, 19.05 in Sausalito.


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