Twitter bans players threatening Sean Bean in Hitman 2


The Twitter algorithm returns to be the protagonist of a scandal thanks to Hitman 2

Rafael Maldonado

Several users of Twitter They were expelled from the social network after tweeting where they claimed to have eliminated the actor Sean Bean, or make plans to settle it, the algorithm that detects threats in Twitter he took them as real and now kicked out the users involved.

The problem is that users never intend to threaten the actor, they only referred to the character of Sean Bean no video game Hitman 2, where one of the missions is to eliminate it, what caused the confusion was that users refer to the character as Sean Bean and not with the names of the character in the game

This character was put in the game due to the constant joke suffered by the actor by its multiple deaths in films and series. In the game Sean Bean interprets Mark Faba former MI5 agent known as The immortal and it will be the task of the protagonist to face him and to liquidate him once and for all.

This type of tweet can cause your Twitter ban

Many users have been able to recover their accounts by simply deleting the tweets, but there are many others like the user TheFatConsol3r that they could do nothing to return to Twitter since they were permanently expelled for inciting violence. So now you know, you should be careful what you put on social networks, even if they are fictional things.


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