Tumblr would ban pornographic content from December 17


The popular online microblogging platform Tumblr announced today that it will ban "adult content" from December 17 and will allow users to report tickets they believe do not comply with this new regulation.

In a statement, the company defined as adult content those that include "photographs, videos or GIFs that show real human genitalia or women showing their nipples, as well as photographs, videos, GIF and illustrations that reflect the sexual act."

The exceptions to these rules will be the images in which women with visible nipples appear if they are "attached" to breastfeeding, to the birth of a baby or to health issues, such as a postmastectomy or a gender operation.

It will also be allowed written erotic content, nudity related to political or topic debate and nudity "in art", as in the case of sculptures and illustrations.

With respect to pornographic content that is already posted on Tumblr, the company will contact its authors or owners and the entries identified as adult content will be visible exclusively to the user who posted them.

You will also have the option to appeal the decision if you believe that your content was mistakenly marked as "adult."

According to the latest data available, Tumblr has more than 441 million registered accounts, receives about 738 million unique monthly visits worldwide and is among the eight most popular social networks in the US.

Last March, the Indonesian government announced the blocking of Tumblr servers in the country due to "inappropriate content" in more than 360 of its accounts, the Ministry of Communication and Information reported.

Just a few months later, the iOS app store eliminated the Tumblr "app" because of "a problem with its content filter."


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