Trump mocks Jeff Bezos's divorce on Twitter and gives him a nickname


The president maintains an old rivalry with the owner, owner of the Washington Post, a medium that has criticized the current administration.

Details of Jeff Bezos' personal life have become a relevant issue for Amazon shareholders as doubts about the impact of the company's founder's divorce on the property structure of the online retail giant are mounting. .

But while investors are worried that the family breakup will affect stock performance, others are taking advantage of the leaks of intimate messages and morbid details of infidelity to get rid of the powerful businessman who now also owns the world's biggest fortune.

And one of them was President Donald Trump himself, who turned to social networks for mocking the owner of the Washington Post, a media that criticizes the president in the past and to which he accuses of spreading false news about his administration.

Through his Twitter account, Trump referred to the entrepreneur as Jeff Bozo, referring to "Bozo the clown" a popular figure of children's stories in the United States.

"What a shame the news of Jeff Bozo's stumbling into a competitor's report, which I understand, is far more accurate than the report in his lobbyist journal, the Amazon Washington Post, I hope the newspaper is soon better and more responsible hands! "said one of Trump's messages.

In his comments, Trump seemed to endorse National Enquirer publications, tabloid gossip and tabloids that published intimate details of Bezos's novel with former television host Lauren Sánchez and even revealing messages from whatsapp sent to him by the billionaire.

Trump also In the past, it accused Amazon of not paying enough taxes in the United States and taking advantage of the US mail package delivery service. to accumulate huge profits through your online sales business.


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