tricks so that no one discovers that a person is "online"


WhatsApp is a part of people's lives and has become indispensable for those who seek to interact with each other at any time of the day. However, some of its functions mean that it does not go unnoticed in the social network.

Anyone in the world knows that when you sign in to WhatsApp, the option appears at the top of the "connected" or "online" screen.

Of course, on many occasions, users are looking for a way to prevent this option from being activated in any way. The goal is to go unnoticed and that no one is controlling the movements within the application.

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Data to go unnoticed

The site AhoraNoticias de Chile has published a series of simple and very timely steps so that none of the contacts knows the activity of the person in the network.

1. WhatsApp offers the alternative of responding without having to enter the application. This happens when a notification of any message appears and can be answered immediately.

At this stage, no one will know that the person was connected. However, if the text sent by the contact exceeds the allowed limit, it can not be observed in its entirety.

2. Cell phones offer the alternative of enabling "airplane mode" to disconnect from the network. That way, you can access WhatsApp without anyone knowing.

However, if someone wants to keep a conversation flowing and immediately, this will not be possible. The "airplane mode" prevents the connection and to access this type of activity the function must be disabled and,

3. There are platforms that help you not appear online. One is "Unseen-Hide and read". It is available on Android and is very easy to use.

"Unseen-Hide and Read" collects notifications that arrive in WhatsApp and stores them in your own application. This will allow the user not to appear "online" and not have problems that someone insists on responding to messages, for example.

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