"TribĂștenle el Copa": the moving letter for Boca del padre who lost his son in the first final | Soccer


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The last lap between Boca Juniors and River Plate He is feeling stronger than ever, especially in Argentina.

The game will be experienced as the most important in history for most of the transandinos fans, who since the first game have unconditionally supported their respective clubs.

In this context, in the last hours it was known the emotional and moving open letter that Carlos Silvestrifather of one of the four fans who lost their lives on November 11, when they moved to the stadium, they sent him to the xeneize team.

"I am Carlos Silvestri and the father of Franco Guido, one of 4 young people who died in the tragedy of Lobos last Saturday, in which together with a fifth friend, they traveled to La Bombonera to witness the first superfinal of the Libertadores, "he began pointing to the document.

In the letter, the father adds that "the 5 friends, like the tens of thousands of fans and lovers of our colors, who make long trips to witness each game, they were aware that they offered their lives to Boca and did not regret doing so"

The document continues with a review of the lives of fans of Blue & Gold & # 39; which they could have with their son, who the following week would have received as a lawyer, then give way to the real request and the purpose of their sincere lines.

"As a father sunk in a deep and endless pain for the loss of my only son, I tell you that these young people, full of light and life, have paid with their blood and their lives, their selfless, passionate and genuine love for Boca."He added.

"Every time you wear our glorious shirt, you understand what it is about. It is not a mere professional procedure," the text added.

Yes, the harangue does not end there, for Silvestri accepted the inscription to demand that the team leave the soul this afternoon at the Monumental Stadium, so that they can drown their deep pain with joy.

"If they do not prove to be up to par, then our boys will have offered their lives in vain, that fateful November 10 ", he emphasized.

Finally, Carlos Silvestri asked the players to remember that his son and his friends "lost their lives by encouraging and It would be fair for you to pay the seventh Liberator to them and to the whole world xeneize; so our kids can have fun with the & # 39; 4th tray & # 39; of our Temple. "

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