Monday , October 18 2021

Transantiago electric bus results in collision damage


The first collision involving one of the new Transantiago electric buses was registered today. The accident, according to the earliest known background, was caused by a driver's mismanagement of a smaller vehicle, according to Metbus, which is responsible for the fleet of clean energy engines.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, on the corner of Avenida Grecia and Ramón Cruz, in Ñuñoa. Humberto Franchini, the company's operations manager, explained that a van traveling west west through Greece turned left without respecting the traffic light and collided with the electrobus. The impact has caused damage to the bumper and the front windshield of the machine, which will be repaired during this weekend.

Transport Minister Gloria Hutt said the suit was being investigated and urged users to protect electric vehicles. Despite the incident, Metbus maintained a good evaluation of the machines that cover route 519, between Peñalolén and Santiago Centro. To date, 66,000 users have been transported by electrobuses.

Meanwhile, a new contingent of non-polluting buses will be added on route 516 between Pudahuel Sur and Peñalolén on Saturday. Franchini also admitted that there were complaints from users, through social networks, because in some buses did not operate the air conditioning, so was reinforced among the drivers the measure to keep it connected.

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