Tonka Tomicic and his relationship with Parived: "I'm with a different person from my world" | TV and Shows


On Thursday morning, Michelle Adam made a sincere confession to Welcome, about their current loving relationship, since they have given themselves a new opportunity in love after they have separated.

In that context, Tonka Tomicic recalled that many years ago she met a person when she worked as a model and that she felt a special connection, however, she did not accept going out with him because at that time she was in a relationship.

"Many years ago I met someone, I was going to do a commercial and I had to sit next to a person, and the fact that I was sitting next to her, I felt something I never felt, like electricity, just like chan!, said the animator.

He later clarified that he was not another model, but a person hired by production to do some work. One of the things that attracted him most was the "unknown, because I've been pololing all my life.Then from my house to my brother's house.And suddenly I saw a person who seemed attractive to me because I also worked in the fashion, so I knew many people. It was not about beauty or about being attractive. It was about someone different"

Dr. Leon Cohen, who was on the panel, indicated that it was "Someone different, someone who may be strange to you. And look what influenced your life to this day".

"Why? Why do I remember that?" Tonka asked, to which the specialist explained that he was referring to his current sentimental situation with Parived.

"Oh, because I'm with a different person from my world." Absolutely A different person, who is not socially framed by the classic, of the social classic that would correspond to a person who works on television.Maybe I could be with a person with a suit , that he had a classic work and that he played a classic key … Yes, it's true, he's right. That is, I was looking, from my first experience, what I have today?, he pointed out.

And CohenT told him that "This seems to be an axis in your life, that takes you out of this family culture".


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