Toarii is grateful to have finished with Daniela Castillo, so now she's with Emi


"It's better to be alone than in bad company," said Daniela Castillo in an interview with "Divina Noche". There she told him that she was leaving a separation and needed to be alone, confirming the breakup of the relationship with the participant of Red Toarii Valantin.

However, the break for the singer was not as traumatic, as he quickly went from one love to another, now with Emilia Dides. "At one point I felt sorry, but I do not get involved with what I said, respect," he told Intruders.

"What I've always said is that I do not regret anything, I had fun with it, we had fun. But for different reasons, we decided to finish, but in no way denigrate the relationship we had," he added.

"The end with Dani allowed me to be with Emi.In the beginning, when I joined the program, I was with Dani and Emilia was also pololating.When I finished, after a while we started to meet," he said.

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