To fulfill its punishment: will be the ethics classes that the owners of Penta will receive | National


In April they will start the ethics classes they will have to do Carlos Alberto Délano and Carlos Eugenio Lavín, the owners of Penta who were convicted of tax crimes.

Both entrepreneurs to serve his sentence of four years in prison. In addition, they were forced to pay a fine of $ 857 million and undergo these classes that will culminate in December and will be taught at the graduate school of University Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) in Las Condes.

As detailed by La Tercera, classes will take place Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. between April 4 and December 13 of next year.

The modules will be taught by 15 teachers and will include subjects like General Applied Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.

"As for the study methodology, it will be focused on the development of critical thinking based on lectures, in which the discussion and active participation of Mr. Carlos Délano and Mr. Carlos Lavín will be promoted", is indicated in a report by Gendarmerie.

The studies will cost US $ 30 million and its cost will be borne by the two entrepreneurs, convicted of illegal funding of the policy.

Francisco José Covarrubias, the dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts at the study house, told the media that "it is not appropriate to comment on the details, but it is an adaptation of the ethics course that all AIU students (of all races) in its Basic Curriculum program, for three years. "

"This course consists of a review, reading of authors and discussion in small groups of the three classic currents of ethics (virtues, utilitarianism and deontology) some applied legal and commercial aspects were added"He added.


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