Tito Fernández responds to accusations of rape: "There was never anything negative between us" | TV and Show


The renowned local folklorist Tito Fernández, "El Temucano," made statements at the Santiago Justice Center on Tuesday after at least three women they will accuse you of harassment and rape within a sect he led.

With an almost 50 years and more than 40 recorded records, Fernandez is one of the most famous Chilean folklorists, so they caused a real scandal the revelations that three women made in a weekly report The clinic days ago, in which they accused him of having harassed and violated him, facts that later denounced to justice.

Tito Fernández | Agency One | Bastian Brogca
Tito Fernández | Agency One | Bastian Brogca

Visibly affected, Fernández, de 76 years, declared for four hours in the Sexual Investigative Police Brigade of Sexual Crimes (PDI), after which he admitted to the press that he had sex with the complainants, but assured that they were "Adult sexual intercourse, consensual and without malice".

According to the report, Fernandez was the leader of a sect called Tallis, in which 2009 and 2010 forced these women to have sex with him for "Connect with your souls". The women said he threatened to expel them from the sect if they did not do what the teacher told them to do, as he called himself.

Tito Fernández
Tito Fernández | Agency One | Bastian Brogca

"There was never anything negative or ugly between us, I can not explain myself", insisted Fernandez, whose case joins the charges against two other famous Chileans.

The film director Nicolás López In November, he testified before the prosecutor's office as the accused of sexual abuse of a model when he was a minor, and of others six women. Meanwhile, Justice also investigates the director since April Herval Abreu, known as the "Zar" of local telenovelas, denounced by actresses of sexual abuse.


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