those who sell their modified consoles, and the first lawsuits have already arrived.


Definitive Nintendo does not like to mess with their products and try to distribute them off the official channels. Nintendo is again picking up guns to start a new legal attack, the goal? Those who are dedicated to selling their modified consoles to have more games or add new titles without paying for them.

After a victory against the ROM sites, Nintendo has found a new target to continue defending its intellectual property, which in addition to what it may represent in economic losses for the company, is a signal of power and that They seek that their products are only available through the official channels.

Do not mess with Nintendo if you do not want to end up in court

This week, Nintendo filed a new lawsuit in California To End Those Who Sell Modified Switches or, they offer tools or help the user to "hack them" on their own.

Protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Nintendo claims in the lawsuit that "copyright law prohibits both copying of Nintendo consoles and modifying the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition consoles to reproduce unauthorized copies of Nintendo consoles" . Those who do not respect this, Nintendo will sue and demand payment of $ 150,000 for each game using illegally.

Nintendo Switch Mod Hack Homebrew

The first of these actions was against Mikel Euskaldunak, a young man from Orange County, California, who offered to make modifications that would allow them to "play ANY trading games they wanted." This service was offered through the OfferUp platform, where for $ 40 something called "Nintendo Switch Mod / Hack Homebrew" was sold, or for $ 150 a cracked version of "Super Smash Bros." Ultimate & # 39; with all players unlocked.

As we know, today it is possible to hack the Switch after it has discovered a vulnerability in the console's processor. In the case of Euskaldunak, and as demand explains, your job is to sell a service that includes custom firmware and the installation of a physical chip on the Nintendo Switch, which would allow you to bypass all the console protections and thus be able to play titles from an SD card.

Nintendo's demand ensures that Euskaldunak has sold more than 100 of these modifications, and that it would also be responsible for marketing SD cards with a large number of included games. But that is not all, the case also mentions that Euskaldunak would have been selling NES Classic Edition consoles with 800 preloaded games $ 15 above the official price of the retail store.

The information also points to an undetermined number of complaints both in California and in other regions of the United States where the goal would be the same, try to stop the sale of modified consoles or, services that offer to modify some of their consoles. And to see the result they got on the ROM sites, we do not doubt that this new legal battle will be satisfactory for Nintendo.


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