This would be "new" Muelle Barón in Valparaíso, according to the winning proposal


Improve the environment, access the coastline and recover a winery. These are the main objectives of the project that won the weekend in the voting held in Valparaiso. She wanted to set the favorite option to reshape the View Full Profile in Valparaíso.

In the project "Parque Barón", one of the main axes is the recovery of the winery Simón Bolivar. This installation is currently in disuse and is not accessible. He wants to recover with a patrimonial treatment and divide it into two plants. In the first, a Botanical Garden, as well as commercial facilities and services. The goal will be to "complement the traveler's experience".

On the second floor, a interactive museum. The project considers modules and thematic panels on its ascending route from the first floor. It will also have a public library with study or reading rooms and an environmental laboratory for academic, university and school use.

All of the above is under feasibility study in the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism. This precedes the completion of the final design of the project, before executing it. However, the remodeling of the winery is expected to be completed by 2021.

Creation of wetlands

The winning project includes more than ten hectares of intervention. This was stated by the Minister of Housing, Cristián Monckeberg. "The coastline is open to the community and the port character of the commune is collected, and there is access to citizens and neighbors to take advantage of the coast," he said.

For his part, the mayor of Valparaiso, Jorge Sharp, said the project "will be one of the most important in the last decade in the city. It will be able to recover a sector that was closed for a long time."

Another point that should be ready in 2021 is a wetland that works with the gray water coming from the water downstream of Av. Francia. They will go into treatment to purify them and turn them into a contribution to regaining "the city's natural heritage and recognition of that," he said.

Another innovation will be a pedestrian walkway from Av. Argentina to the pier, which would have a point of view.

Port reconversion

The project also has a second stage. Its completion is planned for 2031 and considers a reconversion of the port. Thus, if viability is approved, a passenger terminal will be built at one end of the Baron's dock. This would connect with the winery Simon Bolivar.

After consultation, citizen participation was considered "successful" by Minister Monckeberg. The vote was held last Saturday and Sunday, and participants chose from three options. The total of those who issued their decision reached 11344 people. Of these, 5,450 opted for option C (48%).

"It was one of the contests with the largest participation in the history of the city," said Mayor Sharp.


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