This will be the first cruise for people who believe the Earth is flat


It's hard to believe, but there are people who really think the Earth is flat. For them, the first cruise was created that will start in 2020 and will supposedly reach the "never seen ice wall", which is the barrier created by Antarctica to prevent objects from falling.

"The biggest, boldest and best adventure yet," is the slogan used to promote the journey that is seen without much future. According to The Guardian, former cruise ship captain and forensic expert Henk Keijer explained that this would be tricky as ships depart on the basis of an idea.

"Ships navigate on the principle that the Earth is round, nautical charts are designed with this in mind: that the Earth is round"he commented.

The cruise designed by the International Conference of Planet Earth, will feature restaurants, swimming pools and artificial waves for surfing.

Photos: Shutterstock.



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