This way, you can charge your phone with the "air"


The CES is over, but we have had good taste every year and although many of these technologies will see them in 2019, others take longer to arrive because they are just prototypes that need to be improved to be ready for consumers.

One of the technologies that caught the attention of the people in the CES is the first mobile phone case to charge our phone with "air" as well, not with the air as such, but with waves that propagate through the air, such as WiFi.

The head of this technology is Ossia, a company that had already shown this kind of technology wirelessly charging through the air, but this time he allied with Spigen, one of the most popular brands of smartphone covers with which we can charge our phone without any cord or charging base wirelessly, because it actually does this through the waves that propagate through the air.

How does this technology work?

Well, what Ossia does is put a transmitter on the roof of our house or somewhere, which transmits the load waves to the case, which should be placed on our phone, so the charge will be made if we are within range of the Ossia device waves, which are between 3 and 5 meters.

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Ossia and Spigen have mentioned that such cases will hit the market by 2020, although at the moment there is only one prototype available for the iPhone X, although more models should arrive before its release.

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As we mentioned, this is not the first time we see the technology from Ossia, but it is the first time we see it in a cell phone case, although I do not doubt that the company will soon be able to take this technology to small chips for the phone. allows the air to be charged in the range of the Ossia transmitters, so that we can charge our phone without any cord or charging base wirelessly, simply by activating an option.

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