Monday , March 1 2021

This was the winner between Ronald Valenzuela and Rodrigo Bustamante

Rodrigo Bustamante was imposed on the surgeon Ronald Valenzuela in this new chapter of "Pasapalabra", in which they were confronted by a super accumulated 116 million.

The participants reached the final game with a little difference in time. The Blue Team Captain Rodrigo Bustamante he got to catch 134 seconds in total, accompanied by Horacio Saavedra and Flaviana Seeling.

While the captain of the orange team Ronald Valenzuela Reached 136 seconds next Fernanda Hansen and Bruno Zaretti.

The postgraduate degree in fine arts has not completed the rosco, however, he will again compete for 118 million pesos in the next chapter of #PasapalabraCHV.

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