Sunday , June 20 2021

This was the winner between Juan Pablo Rojas and Victor Ponce

Juan Pablo Rojas was imposed on the design engineer Víctor Ponce in this new chapter of "Pasapalabra", in which they were confronted by a super accumulated rosco of 98 million.

The participants arrived in the final game with a short time difference. The Blue Team Captain Juan Pablo Rojas he got to catch 137 seconds in total, accompanied by Tiago Correa and Catalina Palacios.

While the captain of the orange team, Víctor Ponce Reached 126 seconds next Mariuxi Domínguez and Daniel Stingo.

The journalist could not complete the rosco, however, he will return to compete for 100 million pesos in the next chapter of #PasapalabraCHV.

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