This was the nutritional treatment with which Mauricio Pinilla arrived in Coquimbo Unido


After the controversial departure of the University of Chile club, the striker was hired to join the team of Coquimbo Unido, so that to get in good physical condition to the courts, Mauricio Pinilla underwent a nutritional plan that helped him to be with only 8% fat.

The professional commented that the Pinilla begins with a breakfast, which includes oats, milk, fruit and also bread, it is recommended that the portions contain some protein that can be egg, ham and chicken. Then change according to the training time, comes a snack that can be a tuna or chicken sandwich with a little avocado, with whole wheat bread.

Next, MarĂ­a Ignacia added that for lunch it is necessary to consume a portion of hydrochloride, which is accompanied by salad, which is why Mauricio eats a bottom plate of lettuce, tomato and spinach. Then comes a snack or an eleven that is similar to breakfast and at night it is recommended that you choose chicken that contains 200 grams, meat with 200 grams and can be 180 fish.

In addition, the nutritionist said that the metabolism of Mauricio Pinilla helped the food to function well and lose fat faster, also that the attacker himself contributed to have a good physique and the key is not to consume alcohol.


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