This record of the BMW M1 has a turbo engine adapted to GLP


The 1980s were an exciting time, a time of economic bubble and a time of crazy projects like the one we present today. This car is a BMW M1, although apparently it is another car. It was a car whose aim was beat speed record for LPG powered vehicles, a project in which both the BP oil company and a pilot named Harald Ertl contributed directly. A dark piece of automotive history that will auctioned at Techno Classica in Essen, one of the most important classic car fairs in Europe.

The story of this car begins in 1979. It was manufactured by BMW and handed over to its first owner, who possibly liked him as a dwarf of his car. 3.5-liter in-line six-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 278 hp. The BMW supercar, designed by Giugiaro, was one of the most coveted cars of the era. In 1981, the first owner of the car sold it and He sold to a Harald Ertl. This Austrian-born rider did not stand out in the competition, but is remembered for being the one who took Niki Lauda from the remains of his Ferrari.

Without Ertl, Lauda may not have survived her terrible crash at the Nürburgring.

Until then, the BP oil company was finalizing the launch of LPG as an alternative fuel for cars and commercial vehicles. Called Autogas in Germany, they wanted to prove to the world that it was a 100% viable alternative to gasoline. The project initiated by Ertl and BP sought to break the speed record in cars powered by LPG. The standard power of the BMW M1 would not be enough. They decided to send the supercar to a intense potentiation and an aesthetic transformation whose ultimate goal was to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency. That BMW M1 had to break the 300-mile-per-hour barrier.

Gustav Hoecker Sportwagen-Service GmbH was the company responsible for the transformation of M1. They installed the LPG system and also equipped the six-cylinder engine with two KKK turbochargers. The result was a power of 410 CV using LPG as fuel, according to promotional material of the time. But undoubtedly the most impressive was the transformation of his body with an aggressive body kit. Set of air intakes, with a prominent spoiler and semi-sheathed tires, not only looked fantastic, but looked like the living representation of the spirit of the eighties. We like.

The car was sold for the first time in 1993. It is the second time it comes on sale after the record.

On October 17, 1981, with Ertl behind the wheel, that BMW M1 reached a top speed of 301.4 km / h. The circuit used to achieve this high speed was the Ehra-Leissen runway owned by the Volkswagen Group. It is a very special car and it is an absolutely unique unit, but You need a complete restore right now. The car is in a very poor state and seems to have not worked in decades. Fortunately it looks all over, and its interior is completely usable. We loved the vintage baquets and the Alpine steering wheel, a touch of sportiness. No, I did not have an anti-roll cage.

The car is registered in the UK now, and it is expected to be sold for a price in excess of 200,000 euros in Techno Classica. We hope this car is returned to its glory and we can see it rolling on the roads again.

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