Thursday , April 22 2021

this new look has a curious history

There is no doubt that most of the success of Fortnite is due to its popularity among boys and girls. Despite being a videogame of shots, its caricature and little violent style has caused that this title of action is easy to adopt by the gamers and has become a permanent feature of rest courtyards in schools.

And as always, children draw the things they like. Last September, a man posted on the subnet of Fortnite a drawing by his eight-year-old son in which he asked "to Fortnite"This would add an appearance of soldier chicken to the game.

This post was viral. It reached over 40,000 positive votes and an artist, known in the community as EtsyTurtle2, drew a more detailed version. This caught the attention of Epic Games, who decided to realize the dream of this child.

The chicken soldier was added to the Fortnite on November 22nd and is now available at the game store.

According to the boy's father, this was an absolute surprise to his son, who is happy to see his idea come true within his favorite game. Epic Games compensated both the artist and the child's family for the idea.

This is the "food war", the new game mode Fortnite

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