Monday , October 18 2021

This is what it's like to be a retailer: Amaya Forch aroused the envy of followers with Christmas pedicure | Without category


The spirit of Christmas has already taken hold of several celebrities around the world and, of course, the famous Chileans could not be indifferent.

It is through social networks that we can find out how the preparations for Christmas Eve are going and one of those that showed her spirit was the actress. Amaya Forch.

The above because the singer also wore a beautiful and detailed Christmas pedicure, where he highlights a snow monkey on his thumb. But that's not all, as he also painted the nails with ad hoc tones, where red and white stand out.

Her albums received hundreds of "tanned" and dozens of messages that commended the actress's dedicated work and Christmas spirit.

"You passed, full motivation";"What beautiful and beautiful feet";"Oh no, I loved them! I love them!";"Beautiful";"Delight me!", Were just some of the messages that the interpreter received.

And it seems that Forch likes that date a lot since days before he shared images with a hooded hat and also a Christmas childhood in Germany.

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