This is the best exercise to lose weight and gain muscle and health


Although there are many who have tried for the time being, the pill to replace exercise is only a utopian goal in the minds of many researchers around the world, although it was probably the most prescribed drug in history. At present, the research that clarified the exercise is based on discerning which exercise is best for certain goals such as what is the best exercise to protect the heart.

Now, a new study from the University of Glasgow, published in the journal Experimental Physiology, put again in evidence HIIT exercises (High Interval Training) or training at high intensity intervals in the case of overweight men. And, according to this research, the practice of HIIT for only six weeks in sessions of only 15 minutes would be enough to improve various metabolic parameters, increasing muscle strength.

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is not for everyone. It is about short periods of time when both the heart rate as the ability to process oxygen during exercise or VO2 max they are in 80 to 90% of its capacity, that is, in a range of considerable intensity and not well tolerated by all. While it is true that HIIT has proven to be an effective method for increasing caloric expenditure over short periods of time, there are some limitations to be taken into account.

That said, in the current study, researchers attempted to apply this type of training to overweight individuals, with the goal of applying their results to larger groups with type II diabetes, 90% of whom are generally overweight or obese. In this case, the results showed that training at high intensity intervals or HIIT (15 minutes) It is so effective in improving insulin sensitivity as long-term exercises in resistance exercises (45 minutes). In their view, such training could be popularized requiring short periods of time, although the authors did not mention the dubious tolerance of the general population at such an intensity.

Insulin sensitivity

When you talk about insulin sensitivity, it should be remembered that this hormone is responsible for good glucose and sugar absorption and absorption in blood and tissues: low insulin sensitivity (as in the case of type II diabetes) results in high levels of glucose in the blood. associated with short- and long-term problems such as cardiometabolic diseases. Previous research has suggested that resistance exercise (45 minutes) would increase insulin sensitivity, but it was not yet known whether short-term but high-intensity exercise, such as HIIT, would have the same effect.

To test the benefits of HIIT, the researchers recruited ten overweight men (with a BMI of 25-30) and urged them to perform three 15-minute HIIT training sessions each weekfor six weeks. In each training session, nine strength exercises (leg press, or biceps curl), performed with 80% of the capacity, and with series of repetitions "until failure" were performed (until they resisted, unable to perform or one more repetition ).

According to their findings, both the size and the muscular strength of the volunteers increased, also improving their insulin sensitivity by up to 16% with only six weeks of training.

The researchers suggest that muscle-strengthening activities should be performed regularly in order to improve metabolic parameters, even in the HIIT-like format, as was the case in the study. In addition, This work is not without limitations: there were only 10 participants, all men, and all in overweight range; It is unknown if such effects would also occur in women, and it is not known whether the improvements would be so noticeable in a range of normal BMI or obesity ranges. Therefore, the researchers believe that more work will be needed to confirm their findings.

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