This is how the rocket engine is powerful with which Elon Musk wants to reach Mars (Videos and photos)


An engine of the next SpaceX, Starship, made his first test in Texas. The head of the space company, Elon Musk, has published photos and videos of this moment.

In two videos, you can see the power of the engine and a curious effect: colored flames that look green.

Musk explained this phenomenon in his Twitter account. "The engine uses blowtorch lighters. The green coloration is due to camera saturation or some copper (motor) camera."

This new rocket, made up of Starship and Super Heavy (a propellant promised for June), is destined to become possibly the great and unique launcher of SpaceX and one day to take astronauts to the Moon, or even to Mars, according to the projects in Elon Musk.

With information from AFP


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