Friday , October 22 2021

This is how the faces of television prepare Christmas


Christmas is already here and celebrities have prepared Christmas in different ways; some opted for the traditional, while others played and made "strange" Christmas proposals. Let's review some.

Christmas ahead of Carolina Arregui.

Carolina Arregui was at the head of the party and on December 23 gathered all her clan to celebrate. His daughter, Jesus Sothers, says that "we celebrate that day because on the twenty-fourth the family divides a little. We made a secret friend and a delicious dinner," he told the Last News.

Instagram Jesus Sothers

The pedicure pedicure of Amaya Forch.

On Monday afternoon, Amaya Forch was making the final preparations for Christmas lunch. "For the kids, they do not wait so late, we celebrate at lunchtime," she commented.

But what really caught our eye was being pedicured in honor of the festivities. "It's a detail of Christmas, I found it amusing," he explained.

The family of the "Pact of Blood."

The "Pact of Blood" family showed a Christmas greeting. The actors in the Channel 13 TV series made a video for Instagram with "Jingle Bells" corner hats.

Carola Julio and the "mama's recipe".

Journalist Carola Julio acknowledges that she does not know how to cook. Still, he played while preparing a roast beef for his family and proudly showed his filet in his Instagram account, giving a curious detail:

"This recipe was made by my mom and I copied.The good thing about the roast beef is that it does not need to be heated.Then you share with the family at all times, I will also accompany you with several salads and a rice which I have prepared, "he said.

Instagram Carola Julio

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