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Next Monday, January 14, a pre-production team will arrive in this city that will be responsible for choosing 300 extras for a film of Netflix

As the site SoyPuertoMontt collects, it's about tape Redemption distance of the production company Fábula.

The production arrives in the city thanks to an agreement between the National Film Commission, the Undersecretary of Arts and the Municipality of Puerto Varas.

The aim of this initiative is to promote the city as a destination for other film productions. In this way, the agreement delivers the Film Friendly label to Puerto Varas.

"The seal is for the big film producers to be able to film their films in our locations. This implies a cultural and tourist promotion ", explained the director of Culture of the municipality, Víctor Hugo Iribarra, to the media mentioned.

It should be noted that in the next days the location, time and requirements will be announced for those interested in participating in the casting.

Image of Puerto Varas | (CC) Flickr
Image of Puerto Varas | (CC) Flickr

Recall that a few days ago, the release date and trailer was revealed by Remastered: Massacre in the stadium, the Netflix documentary about the murder of one of the most important figures in Chilean music: Víctor Jara

The chapter will premiere this Friday, January 11, under Remastered, an eight-episode documentary saga that reconstructs stories about different figures linked to international music, such as Johnny Cash, Jam Master Jay, Bob Marley and Sam Cooke, among others.

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