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Although the year 2018 is over, there are still billions of pesos accumulated in different banks. This is known as receivables and, believe it or not, there is still time to collect these amounts.

Recall that these funds are in the safes of the banks that operate in Chile and that, due to ignorance or ignorance, were not charged by their owners. However, they are not available indefinitely, two years without movement They enter the legal deadline to expire and then move to the treasury coffers.

Therefore, banks must report in March each year, through publications in the Official Gazette, all quantities greater than 5 units of development (UF) that are waiting to be removed.

Thus, considering the two established years, there is a list of credits that expires on January 31, corresponding to the values ​​of the different entities published in 2016.

There is a legal term of three years to collect the money. Otherwise, they go to the treasury coffers.

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