They take from the screen program "In their own trap"


It was 8 years that the program "In its own trap" was in the air. However, Channel 13 decided that the television space would enter into recess.

This was confirmed by journalist Emilio Sutherland in The Fourth. "In his own trap was a stage, eight years that were very intense, where I grew in popularity with the people. I learned a lot, it was like starting again in journalism, but the program is in a recess stage because he needs be updated.I do not know if he will come back, "he said.

The professional recalled that "a love that attracts attention has been generated, people asking me not to expose myself so much, to take care of me." It was wonderful to do the program, but a cycle was completed in journalistic terms. "Tio Emilio & # 39; was good and good, now we have to face new challenges. "

The situation led to some layoffs. "We knew there were layoffs, I knew excellent professionals, very passionate, I rarely saw people like that, I hope the channel does not lose all of them," added Sutherland.


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