They stop the maximum guideline of Nissan


The maximum director of Nissan Motor, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested in Tokyo on Monday in an investigation by Japanese authorities over alleged irregularities in his personal finances, Reported Japanese television.

The arrest was made by representatives of the Tokyo District Attorney's Office, according to the public jail. NHK and other local media.

Ghosn, a Franco-Brazilian national and also chairman of the alliance between Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, was questioned in the Japanese capital after an investigation initiated for not declaring a series of incomes that he had received.

Nissan, in an official statement, confirmed that Ghosn was being investigated by the company "for several months".

According to this note, The investigations were linked to "bad behavior" by his top executive and another senior executive of the group, Greg Kelly.

"Research has shown that for many years, both Ghosn and Kelly reported amounts of (financial) compensation in their report to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which were less than the real numbers," the text added.

"Also in relation to Ghosn, several other significant acts of misconduct have been discovered, such as the use of company assets for personal use," actions in which Kelly would also be involved, according to the official statement.

He was also on the outside of Nissan's board of directors.

Following these complaints, the board of directors of Nissan Motor will meet on Thursday to dismiss its president, reported the direction of the automotive group.

This was pointed out by the CEO or CEO of the company, Hiroto Saikawa, at a press conference to report on the events that have affected Ghosn in the last hours.

Saikawa described the events that led to Ghosn's arrest as something that "can not tolerate the company," but chose not to give details of the irregularities detected because it is an open investigation.


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