Thursday , October 21 2021

They send Christmas message on whatsapp it's a virus


Cdmx.- Tonight, your WhatsApp inbox will surely be filled with messages wishing you the best for those dates, but beware. It could be a virus.

Users of the messaging application reported a message with a link that is circulating and designed to steal your personal information.

The message prompts you to open a link and is accompanied by the name of the contact who sent it.

The link directs to which shows a harmless Christmas tree and the caption "Merry Christmas" to redirect to a site that asks the user to register and put personal data such as name and email .

If you get this message, do not open the link and tell your contact that it could be a virus so it will not continue being sent back.

In case you use Android and open the uploaded link, it is better to run an antivirus and change the passwords of all your accounts.

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