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According to the president of the Mexican Dental Association, Laura María Díaz Guzmán, during the forum "Nutrition: the missing link", the president of the Mexican Dental Association, Laura María Díaz Guzmán, explained that sugar drinks, some medicines and not giving importance to oral health are the main causes of teeth with cavities. in the prevention of dental caries'.

Díaz warned about the large percentage of people who are not aware of the importance of oral health, and not just oral health, in the prevention of dental caries. Only 25% of the world population understands the risk of neglecting the mouth.
"The mouth is part of the whole body, we can not think that only the teeth are taken care of, the mouth is part of a whole and if the individual gets sick, it will affect his mouth," warned Diaz.


Diaz warned that certain medications facilitate the onset of tooth decay. People who are medicated against metabolic and nutritional diseases – norexia or bulimia – against diabetes and hypertension, or against immunological and genetic diseases, should take special care with oral health, since the medicines used against this type of diseases affect it.

"The problem is that we are not educated as doctors or as patients to pay attention to the mouth, and it is necessary to avoid the loss of teeth; in fact, we must all achieve advanced ages with all our teeth," he said.

In this sense, Diaz added that it is this type of patient that special attention should be given in the future, as the population is aging and, therefore, the number of people with chronic diseases will also increase.

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In oral hygiene they play a fundamental role in the family environment and in awareness from an early age. "The pregnant mother already has to be educated so that when the children are born, she knows that she is responsible for the oral health of the children," he warned.


A diet high in sugar should be added to the drugs. "It not only affects problems such as overweight and obesity, but also in the onset of oral diseases, especially caries," says Diaz. Limit sugar consumption or brush your teeth three times a day and flossing is critical.

Dr. Alejandro Cardenas, vice president of the Faculty of Internal Medicine of Mexico, agrees with Diaz that nutrition is fundamental in preventing caries, as well as being "a fundamental axis of human development".

"The food project in our lives will constitute us as healthy or sick individuals," he said, adding that it is essential to educate people accordingly. He also agrees that it all starts with his mother.

"Responsibility begins with it: if a mother is obese or malnourished, her generations of children will have diabetes or a tendency to develop cardiovascular disease or to be obese."

However, if you start doing pedagogy in society, in a few decades the image may change. "We will have fewer diabetics, more money for social and educational programs and we will spend less on tertiary hospitals and intensive therapies," he said.


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