Saturday , October 23 2021

They reveal the "improper" gift that Lady Di gave her children and that was against the real rules | Society


The former lover of former Princess Diana has been making news for revealing unpublished details of the life of the late Lady Di. It was in the documentary Serving the Royals: Inside the Company that Paul Burrell revealed aspects of the Princess of Wales that left evidence that she was no princess within the royal family.

The detail that is attracting the attention of all these days, has to do with the children of Diana, the princes William and Harry. According to what was Lady Di's personal butler, she occasionally asked him to buy pornographic magazines and for a special reason.

"Diana used to ask me to buy triple X magazines for her children.It was meant for William and Harry to learn from women.I used to think it would be good for them to see other women"explained Barrell.

According to La Vanguardia website, Diana's idea was for her children to learn about sex and women while they were still teenagers. This was done because, according to Paul, they would not be isolated from issues that concern young people their age and who, due to their status as members of the royal family, could be lost.



"Lady Di wanted her children to grow up with a good view of the opposite sex, so I usually asked her to go to the stalls and make that kind of purchase"the butler added in the documentary.

Although these gifts to her children had the best intention on Diana's part, of wanting the princes to have their lives as normal as possible, she kept attracting attention to buy such pornographic material so they could learn about the opposite sex . . Besides, it was beyond all protocol for the royal princes to see the magazines of the triple X that their mother gave them.

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