Friday , October 22 2021

They investigate whether the body found matches the pregnant disappeared in July


A relative of Idamia Baro Villegas, the 39-year-old woman who was pregnant when she disappeared on July 8 in Coihueco, who found a corpse submerged in the waters of the area's river, in the sector of Las Pataguas.

After that, a police operation was initiated in which Carabineros, Firemen, the Public Ministry and the Police of Investigations participated.

The body was about 50 centimeters deep on the north bank of the Coihueco River, a sector that had already been tracked by specialized teams of uniformed civilian police.

The state in which the body was found initially prevented the identification of a woman or a man, but relatives of the woman were present on the stage and informed by the promoter about the procedure to be followed.

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